Combines advanced technology with touchscreen simplicity in one compact, easy-to-operate unit. Supports current and future HARMONIC®Ultrasonic and ENSEAL® Advanced Bipolar Devices.

Feature and Benefit

  • Adaptive Tissue Technology

ETHICON GEN11 Generator Card 1

Intelligent energy delivery for greater precision and efficiency.* Powered by the ETHICON GEN11 Generator, Adaptive Tissue Technology continuously delivers energy intelligently and efficiently in both HARMONIC® and ENSEAL®X1 Devices to enhance surgical outcomes.

  • Simple

ETHICON GEN11 Generator Card 2Simple design, simple setup and simple use. Easy setup and operation via touchscreen display. Simple device connection with automatic instrument recognition. And a compact design that takes up less space in the OR, supports multiple placement options and allows easy transportation between ORs.

  • Support for the Future

    ETHICON GEN11 Generator Card 3

    Upgradeable software supports future Ethicon energy devices and limits the obsolescence of capital. Recommended maintenance, warranty information and technical support details available in our Biomed Technical Information Sheet.